03 November 2007

A Vision of Students Today

Created by Michael Wesch in collaboration with 200 students at Kansas State University.

UPDATE: Archive for the 'Vision of Students' Category @ Kansas State University Digital Ethnography Blog!

To give a little bit more context to the piece, it might be useful to point out that it was originally created as Part 2 of a 3 part series on Higher Ed. Part 1 has been published as Information R/evolution. That piece tracks the way information creation, critique, and distribution has changed, ending with the question “Are we ready?” and the answer: “R U Feeling Lucky?” (altering Google’s I’m feeling lucky button). Placed back to back, this would then lead directly to the door opening to the empty classroom.

Part 3 is planned to be an exploration of different teaching technologies and the ways in which they shape the learning environment for better and for worse. It will begin where this video left off, with a chalkboard (which IS a teaching *technology*, though we often overlook it as such), progressing through PowerPoint, onto the web, SecondLife, etc.


acline said...

One interesting thing about this video is that it avoids any attempt at a solution because it avoids any attempt at nailing down "the" problem. Instead, it invites us to discuss. Cool.

W2JIG said...


It's a great critique and useful feedback. It's one thing to guess (and complain) about the generational differences in student/teacher interaction ... this video reaches out and reflects. I love the quote from McLuhan, lecture vs. learn by doing, all the way through to the blackboard "what's missing" .... The best part is after watching, I felt this was a great demonstration and invitation for interaction - rather than education by exposition.