17 March 2007


Welcome to my new (second) blog!

My first blog was Sisyphean Musings, which has been taken over by a splogger. I published Sisyphean Musings for more than a year, from 5 January 2005 to 21 May 2006. I deleted the blog for several reasons, but mostly because I wanted to take a break and start over when I was ready.

So, I guess I'm ready.

I do want to reaffirm my goals for my blogging. These are standards that I want to hold myself to and that you, my reader, should expect from me.

I will always try to:

  1. Refrain from posting a link to any material I have not read thoroughly and carefully. Just because I link to something does not mean I endorse it.

  2. Make sure that I explain concepts presented in source material that undergird my analyses to my readers.

  3. Attempt to be fair in my representations of all political factions, or when being sarcastic, to make that known.

  4. Update entries as new material becomes available.

  5. Welcome comments that will help to fact-check the material I have linked to.

  6. Correct my errors and omissions promptly.

  7. Reply to correspondence and comments promptly and politely. I will, however, ignore, ridicule, delete or IP-ban anonymous commenters as I see fit.

  8. Strive for the best writing and analysis that I am capable of producing--understanding that some days will be better than others.

  9. Avoid flaming other bloggers and responding to flamebait.

The best part of blogging for me has been the people I have met (and intend to meet). For example, soon after starting Sisyphean Musings I worked with Bob Cox to arrange the first ever Milblog session at BlogNashville on 7 May 2005. I was a panelist with Robin Burke, Steve Shippert, Bill Roggio and Don Sensing. There I met Andi, of Andi's World. Andi organized the first Milblog conference on 22 April 2006 and is planning the 2d annual Milblog conference on 5 May 2007.

I also met Dr. Andy Cline (among many others) at BlogNashville. I spent a lot of time talking with Andy and he even credited me with contributing to his revision of the illocutionary act of speech-act theory. He changed his formula from CF(p)^r -> PE to F^r(p) / C ->PE.

I recently met Dr. Jay Rosen when he accepted an invitation to guest lecture at the United States Military Academy's Mass Media and American Politics course. Although I can take credit for initiating this, MAJ Joseph Scrocca at the Department of Social Sciences made it happen.

There are many bloggers I enjoy reading as well as blog readers I enjoy hearing from in the comments section. I am looking forward to future conversations with them and meeting them someday when our paths cross.

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