17 July 2007


In September 2005, Kuma\War introduced Mission 58 - Assault on Iran.

Surprisingly, someone in Iran noticed and within a month there was a petition published on the web against the Kuma\War episode. A few months later, the Fars news agency (via Reuters/Wired) reported that there would be an Iranian video game developed in response.

Kuma\War quickly announced a new episode responding to the Iranian response, while the Iranian response was still vaporware: Mission 76 - Payback in Iraq MP.

Well, yesterday the Iranian video game was finally released: Iran wages virtual war with US.

It's interesting that the first-person shooter genre of games is able to produce virtual reality (VR) episodes soon after an event is described in the news. The interest generated in this episode and "dialog" between Iranians and Kuma\War is fascinating.

How far from now before we'll see "first-person journalist" VR episodes on news web sites where you can move through the event location with a camera and microphone?

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