06 June 2007

Thoughtful words ...

I Guess This Is Goodbye

The internet is a mean place. I know, because I’ve contributed to the mean plenty. I think it’s even safe to say that some of the hatred displayed toward me was brought on by me. I readily admit to being snarky when I should have been thoughtful. I was dismissive and sarcastic, when I should have been more open-minded.
Is the Internet "a mean place" in the same way that this is "a cruel world?"


Ben said...

Tim, over here via your Xark link. I'm not quite sure what to make of the mess over Nashville is Talking. I guess my thought is that the exteme -- call it vigilantism -- of the blogosphere has the potential to turn it into a place where the risks exceed the rewards. And that is where the biggest difference lies: You can opt out of the blogosphere.

Did you see the bit where the "Ghost of Adolph Rupp" goes after the SEK's job by writing his university? Scary.

ben said...

Oops-the job thing was the original link. I read so many posts about this I forgot.

W2JIG said...

"You can opt out of the blogosphere."

... and opt back in again! (which is more difficult if you "opt out" in real life)

I'm sure there are many lessons to be learned, but I'll be happy with just one: "vigilantism" is neither a Right-thing or a Left-thing. It's a "stupid people" thing, and they're everywhere.

You want less vigilantism? Police it whenever you see it and be aware that you're most effective when you police your own - meaning people who would normally listen to you.