10 June 2007

Compare and Contrast

OCTOBER 26, 2004

Commissioner Hardeman commented that it was wonderful to have the Canadian Snow Birds during Fleet Week but everyone he spoke to wants to have the Blue Angels back. The Commission is not against having them back. Once they were gone, we know how much we missed them. He hopes that the Blue Angels will return next year.

Commissioner Hsu concurred with Commissioner Hardeman’s comments. People from around town and out of town expressed their disappointment that the Blue Angels did not perform during Fleet Week, especially the Fisherman’s Wharf merchants. They would love to see them next year and beyond.

Ms. Moyer indicated that we were all disappointed when the Blue Angels had a scheduling conflict and didn’t choose San Francisco. Unfortunately, the Port has very little control over the Navy and their decision not to perform in San Francisco.
Bill to halt Blue Angels flyovers will have to wait
The groups are calling for a permanent halt to the Blue Angels due to concerns over noise, the military recruitment that comes along with the event and public safety, pointing to the April crash of a Blue Angels plane during an air show in Beaufort, S.C....

San Francisco officials have not shied away in the past from taking strong anti-war stances or taking issue with the military.

In 2005, the board voted against having the World War II-era USS Iowa dock as a floating museum at the Port of San Francisco. Last year, The City’s school board voted to phase out the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program from public schools.

Most recently, the Board of Supervisors approved a resolution that urged the U.S. Congress to secure immediate and safe withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.
Another brick in the wall
We don’t have to like San Francisco. We get paid to defend them. It’s our job.

The rest of the country?

We’re doing that for free.

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