11 April 2007

I Support Mario Lozano

Rep. Fossella Steps Up Pressure on Italian Government to Block Trial in Abstentia of US Service Member

The United States and Italy share a long history of friendship and cooperation, and it’s unfortunate that Spc. Lozano is being made a scapegoat to fan the anti-war flames overseas.
SPC Mario Lozano Defense Fund
The Italian government has asked for SPC Lozano’s extradition to Italy for trial next month, the U.S. has refused as their investigation is closed with no finding of any wrongdoing on the part of SPC Lozano or the 69th Infantry. However, SPC Lozano is scheduled to be tried in absentia in Italy on April 17, 2007. The ramifications of a conviction in absentia will have life-long implications for SPC Lozano which could ultimately result in his extradition or his being detained as a fugitive if he should venture outside the United States. It is imperative that SPC Lozano receive a vigorous defense and a fair trial.

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