31 March 2007

Why I made the "Vote Different" Ad

YouTube's news and politics editor Steve Grove asks [Phillip de Vellis] questions about the "Vote Different" ad and the future of online video.

The "Vote Different" video:

Obama Video not Funny, Says '1984' Owner
"We recognize the legal issues inherent under the First Amendment and the copyright law as to political expression of opinion, but we want the world at large to know that we take our copyright ownership of one of the world's great novels very seriously," added Rosenblum.
"When the Apple 'Big Brother' television commercial was aired during the 1984 Super Bowl telecast, we immediately objected to this unauthorized commercial use of the novel, and sent a 'cease-and-desist' letter both to Apple and to its ad agency. The commercial never aired on television again," said Rosenblum.
Jeff Jarvis roundup:
[Phillip de Vellis] declares that politics has changed. It is no longer in the hands of the powerful but is in the hands of ordinary citizens. Well, it’s getting there.

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