18 March 2007

Victor's Ghost

I saw a ghost one night.
She was beautiful to see.
Floating on translucent winds,
she was reaching out for me.

I answered her with silence,
controlled by awe and fear.
Then I noticed she was crying.
Her cheek glistened with a tear.

"Victor," I heard her beckon
as she reached once more for me.
"My Lady, you're mistaken",
I responded tenderly.

"Are you my dear Victor,
I've searched for endlessly?
For now we'll be together
for all eternity."

I thought of her sweet offer,
to know unending bliss;
for in her heart, eternal love
and heaven in her kiss.

I searched my mind and wondered
if I was wrong before.
If actually I was the man
that she was looking for.

But I knew that I was not the one
who held this woman's heart,
and with a tear in mine own eye
I begged her to depart.

And as I watched her fade away,
I felt her anxious pain
and realized that she'd go on
calling out his name.

That's when I first realized
the strength in three small words;
that I had often tossed around
as breadcrumbs to the birds.

Not even death can overcome
these words when spoken true.
So be sure of your sincerity
when professing, "I love you."

Published in ecesis, April 2005, p. 19

Sketch by Y. Fei 'Kata' Leung. Reprinted with permission.

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