28 October 2009

Soldiers' Angels Conducts 4th Annual Online Valour-IT Fundraising Competition

PR Newswire: "This project changes lives," says Soldiers' Angels founder Patti Patton-Bader. "Wounded heroes say that being able to use a laptop helps them feel whole again. Physical therapists are actually designing therapy sessions around Wii Sports! And something as normal as a handheld GPS reduces stress and helps a hero cope. It's just amazing what this project does!"

The Marines are giving the Army a run for donations! Hoorah!! If you want to donate through the Combined Federal Campaign, Soldiers' Angels is CFC #25131.

I also recommend Carren's testimonial, "Once again, Chuck was able to blog. This is a post he wrote just before Project Valour-IT kicked off in 2005."

Please also consider stopping by Soldiers' Angels and Adopting a Soldier.

27 October 2009

Valour-IT Army Team ... It's On!

The Army Team is off to a good start, but the jarheads have moved quickly to take the lead! If you haven't already, click on the Army thermometer (or join the Army Team) and get those donations "Rolling Along"!

via Wolf at Blackfive: "Team Army would like to raise $250,000 dollars in order to help 250 wounded get the software they need and the laptop required. The VALOUR-IT goal is over a million dollars to help over 1,000 wounded- with this kind of purchasing power we can get discounts that afford more software and more hardware." Follow #TeamArmy and #ValourIT on Twitter!

25 October 2009

Valour-IT Update

Valour-IT 2009 Fundraising Competition starts Monday, October 26, and continues to November 11, so hurry up and join the Army Team!

Anybody can join the Army Team (and DONATE!) because the only eligibility requirement is the knowledge that the Army Team is the BEST team, with the BEST bloggers, who raised the MOST money in 2007 and 2008, and are going to three-peat this year!