20 October 2009

Budget Deficits for Dummies

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love $1.4 trillion

via ReasonTV

The Deconstruction of American Journalism

If government subsidizes newspapers, can we bring back the news council?

Ever notice that "accountability journalism" never means holding journalists accountable?

An Anthology of Journalism's Decline

18 October 2009

Milblogs Lining Up for Valour-IT

It's time to fire up this old blog to promote this year's Valour-IT competition!

The Army Team has been on a roll (see 2007 and 2008), but we need to pick up the pace for 2009.

BLACKFIVE is sponsoring the Army Team, Greyhawk is providing air support, USNI has naval ops, and VC is coordinating leathernecks.

I plan on updates in the coming weeks with further instructions, but for now:

1. Join the Army Team, and
2. Prepare to donate frequently and generously!