27 August 2008

Timewave HamLinkBT-RC


Timewave's HamLinkBT-RC™ Wireless Rig Controller is available on their web page. And only $299.95!

R&L Electronics has it advertised online for only $209.95.

Good grief. That's a pretty penny for wireless rig control. Has anyone tried/tested it, yet?

of Demo at this year's Hamvention:

of Demo at last year's Hamvention:

Timewave HamlinkBT

25 August 2008

How NOT To Use Powerpoint

By Comedian Don McMillan

PowerPoint Ranger Tab

PowerPoint Patch

24 August 2008

Ham Radio 2.0

New Ustream channel!

Webcam chat at Ustream

Twittering Hams

Amateur radio is a social network of licensed operators ("Hams") on designated radio frequency bands. It should be no surprise, then, that these social animals can be found on other social networks promoting their hobby.

has become a popular online social network and I was curious if there are hams a-twittering and how to join the online conversation. This is what I've learned so far ...

First, here is a good video about twitter:

Second, I signed up for a Twitter account.

Now, I wanted find others to follow. I used the twitter API on the web rather than trying to do it mobile on my phone. I use online email and twitter makes it easy to check if anyone in your contacts is already on twitter. Just click the Find & Follow link.

Next, I searched twitter for arrl, amateur radio, and ham radio, to see who I wanted to follow. I also searched twitter using Tweet Scan for arrl, amateur radio, and ham radio to see who provided the latest and greatest updates. Three accounts jumped out at me: RadioMaxim, ka3drr, and KV4S. I clicked on the follow button for each of these accounts. [Update: also see Ham Radio and Social Media]

Here is where I realized how easy it is to get sucked into twitter. My "home" page fills up with status messages from the people I'm following, usually with interesting links included for news and more discussions. Also, each of the accounts I'm following are following other twitterers (HPM follows 26 people, ka3drr follows 55 people, Russell Thomas follows 22 people) and other twitterers are following them (RadioMaxim's 24 Followers, ka3drr's 54 Followers, KV4S's 39 Followers). See where this is going? Some accounts have tens of thousands of followers.

Oh, but it gets better! Essentially, I've only "plugged-in" to twitter at this point. I'm not participating. It's easy to post a generic public status update, but to reply to people and contextualize my updates, I need to visit the twitter help, learn the official commands and lingo, and use hashtags.

Best part? I'm sure I've only scratched the surface of the growing twitter community.