23 August 2008

VA is for Hams!

Virginia Code § 15.2-2293.1. Placement of amateur radio antennas.

Virginia Amateur Radio Emergency Services

Arlington Radio Public Service Club - W4AVA
5262 Bessley Place
Alexandria, Virginia 22304

National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies

Congress Launches the First National Research Program Focused on Technology and Learning

Learning scientists and educators have known for years that people learn faster if education can be personalized, and if students are motivated by seeing how their knowledge can help them solve problems they, and their future employers, actually care about. These new technologies can help deliver on this promise. Students in today’s schools were born into a digital world -- able to gather information, communicate and collaborate using the constantly expanding tools of the internet and the computers, wireless devices, game devices also attached to it.
New High-Tech Teaching Center, Pushed by Congress, Lacks Funds
[Dr. Susan] Millar's research indicates that university scholars have already developed a wealth of better teaching methods, including ones using technology, but academic institutions and schools have failed to adopt many of them because of institutional and cultural roadblocks (The Chronicle, August 3, 2007).

Can you see me now?

Army research on invisibility not science fiction

Dr. Richard Hammond, a theoretical physicist who works in Optical Physics and Imaging Science at the U.S. Army's Research Office, participated in a blogger's roundtable to discuss the developments in the field of negative index materials research and meta materials. Developing research in these areas is making light reflect in ways it never has before - with extraordinary effect.
My prediction: the world will be very different because of nanotech, in the same way that semiconductors have changed the world.