18 May 2008

Taylor Mali

What Teachers Make?

Don't Go There ...

The dumbest thing the Democrats did in the 2004 election was bring up Vietnam. It doesn't matter and usually hurts those wielding it as an attack issue. Remember the result? (Bush won.) Can you say memogate and Swift Vets and POWs for the Truth?

Well, here it comes again!

UPDATE: Speaking of memogate, HuffPo put Rather's amended lawsuit on docstoc. It was filed two weeks after Rather's lawyers were given permission to subpoena Erik Rigler, the private investigator hired by CBS. However, there's nothing in the amended complaint that leads me to believe they have talked to Rigler.

UPDATE: CBS Will Get to Keep Documents of Interest in Dan Rather Suit Away from the Public; But Redstone Must Speak!

According to proceedings today, Mr. Rather has already been deposed; so, too, former F.B.I. agent and Navy aviator Erik T. Rigler. Former CBS News president Andrew Heyward, on the other hand, is tentatively scheduled to be deposed on July 29th and 30th. Ditto CBS president Leslie Moonves, who is penciled in for a deposition on Sept. 24th.

Others who will be deposed according to today's hearing:

  • Jeffrey Fager, 60 Minutes executive producer
  • Gil Schwartz, CBS executive vice president, communications
  • Sandy Genelius, spokesperson for CBS News
  • Linda Mason, CBS News senior vice president, standards and special projects
  • Patti Hassler, CBS News executive editor of 60 Minutes Global