08 March 2008

Commissioner Marilyn Mackel

Veterans angered by denial to foster teen wanting to enlist

Military recruiters faced official condemnation early this year in Berkeley and a recruiting station was bombed Thursday in New York City.

Many upset over the Mackel decision said she denied a young man focused on becoming a Marine scout and sniper the opportunity to lock in a job through early enlistment.

"We want to demand a resignation and prosecution of this activist judge," said Dean Watkins, 38, of Langsberg, Mich. "This is the sickest thing we've ever seen."
Anti-war judge rejects foster teen's bid to join military
"It just felt like, wow. I even told Shawn, I said, `Dude, it feels like we've been burned at the stake at the Salem witch trial.' She just had some kind of animosity toward military personnel."
I disagree with the above headline. She's anti-military, not anti-war. I haven't found evidence that she's a pacifist or anti-war. There is evidence here that she's anti-military. There's evidence that she's opposed to our involvement in Iraq. Of course, the issue here isn't her hatred of the Armed Forces, or of military recruiters, or her Iraq opposition, but rather her poor judgment and reasoning skills as a government official making decisions for others.

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