19 January 2008

Grodner Sentenced; Will Move to France?

via Blackfive: Man who keyed car gets day in court; so do Marines

Grodner told me he'd describe himself as a "radical liberal" who's ready to leave Chicago now with all this negative publicity and move to the south of France and do some traveling.
Can't ... stop ... laughing ....

Media Psychopathy?

via Iowahawk:

A Denver newspaper columnist is arrested for stalking a story subject. In Cincinnati, a television reporter is arrested on charges of child molestation. A North Carolina newspaper reporter is arrested for harassing a local woman. A drunken Chicago Sun-Times columnist and editorial board member is arrested for wife beating. A Baltimore newspaper editor is arrested for threatening neighbors with a shotgun. In Florida, one TV reporter is arrested for DUI, while another is charged with carrying a gun into a high school. A Philadelphia news anchorwoman goes on a violent drunken rampage, assaulting a police officer. In England, a newspaper columnist is arrested for killing her elderly aunt.
Or charged with indecent assault (Charles Brown) or buying crack cocaine (John Pacenti) or drinking themselves to death (Diann Slattery) ....

But these were all "good people" who did "great things" that should not be judged by a single act, right? It wasn't the stresses of their jobs that drove them to do these things, was it? Certainly not all journalists and news organizations should be judged by these individual failures, right?

Where are the statistics maintained by news organizations or the government on the crimes, suicides and homelessness by current and former news employees? Certainly the public has a right to know how dangerous these media employees living in their neighborhood are and what their employers and the government are doing to get them the help they need and deserve?

Can you imagine the press reaction to a narrative of journalists gone wild? How soon before the media fomented cliché "going postal" is replaced with "going journo"?

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