11 May 2007

Where's Marimow?

Bill Marimow took over the position of NPR's Ombudsman in October 2006. Since then, he's managed to pump out 2 articles and no reports that I can find.

The Mandate and Office of Ombudsman

6. ... The Ombudsman will use on-air broadcasts, and online and public discussion groups to present issues and suggest ways for NPR's practices to uphold the highest professional standards.

8. The Ombudsman shall prepare and present an annual report to the President and to the NPR Board. This annual report shall also be made public.
UPDATE: Seek and ye shall find ... Philadelphia Inquirer Editor to Exit Job
Philadelphia Inquirer editor Amanda Bennett will be replaced by Bill Marimow, a former Baltimore Sun editor and Inquirer city editor who is now ombudsman at National Public Radio, the paper announced Wednesday. He recently resigned as NPR's vice president for news and information.
Now we know where Marimow is, so NPR is ombudman-less and has been for the last 6 months? Seems like PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler and CPB Ombudsman Ken Bode are trying to fill the gap:
In his first column in nine weeks, CPB Ombudsman Ken Bode steps into the breach to make a "very good point" that Getler wishes he had made regarding "Buying the War," the lead documentary of Bill Moyers Journal. Bode describes the documentary as "embarrassingly flawed" because Moyers and his producers failed to examine how PBS's own NewsHour with Jim Lehrer failed to scrutinze the Bush Administration's case for initiating the Iraq War.

09 May 2007

Will Raz Write About It?

Appeal for Courage takes petition to Congress

A petition signed by 2,700 current and former service members in support of continuing U.S. combat operations in Iraq will be turned over to two Republican lawmakers tomorrow in a ceremony at the headquarters of the nation’s largest group of combat veterans.
Nothing yet at NPR unlike their coverage of the Appeal for Redress.

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UPDATE: Brian Naylor at NPR mentions it -- just keep scrolling down. Stars & Stripes reports it. So does Fox News. IBD opines. Nothing at CNN or the New York Times. Slim pickings searching the news at Google.