27 January 2009

An Opportunity Overlooked

Over at Small Wars Journal, they quote Vice Admiral John C. Harvey, Jr., making the following observation:

With respect to your comment concerning participation in the blogosphere and the upcoming milbloggers conference, let me speak pretty plainly - most of the blogs I’ve dropped in on and read on a regular basis leave me pretty cold. Too many seem to be interested in scoring cheap, and anonymous, hits vice engaging in meaningful and professional exchanges. There is also a general lack of reverence for facts and an excess of emotion that, for me, really reduces the value of the blog. Incorrect/inaccurate data and lots of hype may be entertaining for some, but just doesn’t work for me.
There will be, and needs to be, professional, fact-based blogs and irreverent, emotion-based blogs. That is representative of the public conversation where wonks and citizen-participants pontificate, discuss and debate.

It is important, I think, to try to participate on both, but not necessarily equally. A knowledgeable, fact-based comment (with links) or guest post on an emotional, point-scoring blog post can make a difference. This should be obvious for anyone following IO and its potential impact on the author of the blog, other commenters, and lurkers.

Harvey's comment is focused more on "What can blogs do for me?" I think that's a one-dimensional view of what's possible.

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