10 April 2008

If the Economy is so BAD ...

where is all this political money coming from?

The candidates for president have broken nearly all fundraising records, amassing approximately $800 million even before the two major parties choose their nominees for the November ballot.
Are "regular people," who have trouble making ends meet, increasing their credit card debt to make a $100 donation to Barack Obama?

Nationwide, the use of revolving credit — fueled largely by credit cards — kept increasing throughout 2007, according to a recent consumer credit report by the Federal Reserve. Use of revolving credit rose 11.3% in November. In comparison, revolving credit increased 6.1% in 2006 and 3.1% in 2005.

How do people who have amassed $2.5 TRILLION in consumer debt fund $800 million in political donations during a PRIMARY election season? Are they skimping on groceries? What's going on here?

Maybe, the economy isn't that bad? Maybe the donors aren't "regular people"?