20 September 2008

Jonathan Haidt: The real difference between liberals and conservatives

via Time's Michael Scherer:

Jonathan Haidt's Home Page

Poynter Institute's Talking Points ... Discuss


acline said...

Fascinating. I'm going to have my ethics classes watch this.

It would be interesting to see how some of this maps to Lakoff's work. Part of the problem, however, with his work (as I've said before) is that Lakoff uses it to promote a particular POV.

acline said...

Tim... you might find this interesting. I took his test at yourmorals.org. I scored the same as conservatives in harm and fairness. I scored the same as liberals in the other three. Interesting. I wonder if it explains anything? :-)

W2JIG said...

It probably explains as much as when I took it and scored a 2.5 or above on all five categories.

What I consider more interesting is that we're both transactionalists interested in the other's POV.

acline said...

Perhaps you and I ought to be running things :-)

W2JIG said...


I would be interested in any feedback from your ethics class after you show this video.