26 May 2008

Eh, Who Listens to the "People"?

Survey: Americans Say They're Well-Informed, But Dissatisfied With Coverage of Iraq War

The study reveals a deep dissatisfaction with war coverage and provides information journalists can use to learn more about what the public wants.
Zogby Poll: 67% View Traditional Journalism as "Out of Touch"
Internet is the top source of news for nearly half of Americans; Survey finds two-thirds dissatisfied with the quality of journalism.
Pay these surveys no heed. Like Steve Lopez said over a decade ago, "People are idiots." You just keep doing what you've been doing, and you'll be fine. Promise. No, really.

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amateur radio equipment said...

I don't even know that we are well informed anymore. Most of what you hear now adays is the death reports, and not much more!

W2JIG said...

I think the news is much more broad than the daily death reports we were getting. Much more news about the political component here and in Iraq, for example.