19 February 2008

Journalistic bias? I'm shocked ... SHOCKED, I tell you.

Jeff Jarvis: "The ethic of transparency that I have learned online and that journalists apply to everyone they cover should also apply to them."

Journalists applying the same standards to themselves that they hold everyone else to? When pigs fly, or Dan Rather gives up his crown as Queen of the Space Unicorns!

Newsflash for the numbnuts who are just now noticing that political reporters have biases and that skews their coverage ... Duh!!

I'm glad that the distinction between the coverage of Obama and Clinton (and Fox News) has clued you in. Too bad you spent so many years claiming journalists and news organizations were imperfectly objective instead of deceptively partisan.

UPDATE: The Shorenstein Memo (pdf)

Our democracy depends upon the fourth estate to fulfill the uniquely critical role of informing voters about the important issues facing our nation Рyet far too often, the campaign coverage has been biased, blas̩, or baseless.

There have been so many high-profile episodes, including the widespread touting of inaccurate polling, the controversial New York Times story on McCain, extensive coverage of a photo of Obama that appeared on the internet, and a recent Saturday Night Live skit in which reporters were mocked for fawning over Obama.
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