11 December 2007

Rosen's Unempirical Rationalism

Jay Rosen

I think the Bush press policy is an act of political realism and does testify to the acumen of the administration. I think they should take credit for it, and their supporters should give them credit. Historians will.
Jay Rosen
I think of empiricism as all efforts to understand the world based on experience, observation and seeing what happens in the world when you choose a particular course of action. This is what Bushco dumped.
Jay Rosen
It's hard for his supporters to admit it, it's hard even for his critics to believe it, and it's hard for the American people to understand it, but Bush isn't an empiricist. At all. You have to go back to the englightenment (sic) to find the origins of what he rejects.
Nathan Smith
The Bush administration has frequently changed course in response to its critics, or to outflank the opposition. It is certainly not characterized by an excess of ideological coherence. Indeed, I can't think of a widely-held contemporary opinion more impervious to the evidence than the view that Bush is impervious to the evidence, or less reality-based than the "realism" of Catoite libertarians and left-liberals.
Comment at Too Much Reality: Is There Such a Thing?
In the comments to a previous essay, panopticon tried to make the distinction between reality-trashing vs. reality-avoiding (or absence of reality-testing). I think there is a philosophical approach and balance, even where it pertains to political endeavors.
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