02 December 2007

Questions for Keteyian

UPDATE (5 Dec 2007): Kudos to CBS!

CBS updated their methodology webpage concerning their report on veteran suicides. I found the updated page via a post on their blog, Primary Sources.
Anyway, bottom line is this is an awesome response by CBS! Kudos!

Armen Keteyian responds to Fumento:
Contrary to Fumento's statement, the data, as well as the methodology used to collect and analyze it, have been available online for anyone to access.
Fumento fires back: CBS lies again on veteran suicide data

Keteyian's claim that the data are available online is -- at best -- misleading, and at worst dishonest.

It's also interesting that Keteyian chose to respond via letter to the NY Post instead of on CBS's Primary Sources blog. Maybe there'll be an update tomorrow.

I've already conducted a basic analysis of the results CBS provided. Here are my questions for CBS based on their 2004 results:
  • Why would female non-veterans be represented at twice the rate of male non-veterans? Why wouldn't CBS tell us this or at least explain it?

  • Why is the veteran female population also twice the male veteran population?

  • Why are both the male non-veteran rate and male veteran rate reported by CBS higher than the CDC rate for males in the general population?

  • Why are both the female non-veteran rate and female veteran rate reported by CBS higher than the CDC rate for females in the general population?

  • How does CBS explain a 20-24 age group veteran population 10 to 20 times the Census/VA 1.5% population figure, if we use the CDC suicide rate as a substitute for their missing data?

  • Why would the veteran population in this 20-24 age group be more than two to three times the overall veteran population of 8.5% in the general population?

  • Why is the 20-24 veteran population a higher percentage than even the 12.1-19.5% veteran population calculated when using CBS and CDC data?
If/When there is a new post at Primary Sources blog, I'll ask them to address these questions. Commenting has been closed there since 23 November 2007.

UPDATE: The House Committee on Veterans' Affairs will be holding a hearing at 10:00AM December 12, 2007, in Room 345 of Cannon House Office Building. From the press release:
... The hearing will focus on recent statistical data from private sources as a platform to discuss comparative data from the VA on these issues.

... Witnesses invited will include members of the media, scholars from the mental health care profession and representatives from the VA. The hearing will take place in December.
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