08 December 2007

America's Army, Real Heroes, and Virtual Games

The America's Army video game has been in the news quite a bit recently for their Real Heroes expansion and collectible action figures. CNN had a segment on it just a couple of weeks ago: Real-life action hero (video, 2:51)

CNN's John Roberts looks at how a U.S. soldier became a video game character and action figure.

Now America's Army is back in the news with its availability on both Xbox and PCs ...

America's ArmyAmerica's Army Goes Xbox, Now PC

"America's Army: True Soldiers" hit the streets in November as an Xbox game. Now the game's creators are hoping to stir up excitement in the PC gaming world.

"Both the PC and Xbox 360 versions allow us to foster a large America's Army community where players can use teamwork and Army values to achieve success in their gameplay missions," Maj. Marty said. "These online communities extend beyond mere gameplay as players join in teams and use online forums to discuss their strategies and even the military in general."

The only experience I have with the "America's Army" game is when a buddy of mine developed the Advanced Wireless Simulation / Video Game Controller

The advanced game controller is a patent pending method developed by the Army for use in simulation and training environments. This technology uses a variety of sensors, a weapon replica and a head mounted display to allow the participant to interact with a computer through standard keyboard and mouse hardware connections. The player’s actions like running, jumping, crouching, and shooting control the first person game character. No separate keyboard or mouse inputs are required.

I have to admit, the controller was very cool and the gaming was a fun distraction!

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