14 November 2007

Valour-IT: Congrats Army Team!!

via Blackfive: Army Victory

To date, the totals are:

    Army: $53,023.00
    Marines: $39,673.00
    Air Force: $25,638.34
    Navy/CG: $20,081.75
    And non-team donations $29,954.82

...The Army team had twice the number of donors as any other team.

So, to say that I'm grateful to be a part of this effort is a bit understated. Thank you.
via CJ at A Soldier's Perspective: Valour-IT
When I got home I realized that Valour-IT was going on and I haven't done anything with it in the past two years to help. So, in an effort to help the cause, I'm raffling off TWO signed copies of David Joseph's "I'm Coming Home" CD and FOUR copies of the the DVD single of "I'm Coming Home" that is above. Raffle tickets are only going to be $5 each this time and I'll be accepting donations through Thanksgiving. At that time, I will announce the winners and present the money to the Valour-IT project. I will create a weekly update to announce how much money you have raised until then. These CDs and DVDs would make a great gift to those of you with adopted Soldiers (or keep them for yourselves). To purchase your tickets, just use the donation link on the sidebar. Any money collected between now and Thanksgiving will go directly to Valour-IT regardless of the donation size.
It's never too late to donate!

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