18 November 2007

Never attribute to malice ...

Have you been following the Cambridge/Boy Scouts story?

Cambridge National Guard Unit Heads To Iraq

Local Boy Scouts Accused of Being Too 'Pro-War'

Patterson: Scouts learn hard political lesson on Election Day

But on Election Day, Marsha Weinerman, executive director of the Election Commission, removed the boxes from all the polling stations because one woman, a poll worker who does not deserve to be named, complained it was a political statement....

It is also worth mentioning here that when this woman first complained, the election warden from this precinct along with another poll worker, called two separate officials at the Election Commission and both said the same thing: Prior permission had been granted and the boxes and flyers were staying up....

The only half-hearted excuse the executive director gave, in the end, was that any and all flyers were not allowed and needed to be 150 feet outside polling areas or needed to be taken down. Yet at the location where this woman was complaining the flyer was on a bulletin board with 75 other flyers, including ones promoting Get Out of Iraq, Campus Green, College Democrats of America,China’s New Property Law, Save the Non-Proliferation Regime and Global Warming. The only flyer the Election Commission removed was those evil Boy Scout collecting things for the troops. And when asked about this, the executive director said that was another mistake on their part and that she was personally going to remove all the other flyers right then. But at 8 p.m. when the polls closed, one of our kids checked this bulletin board and saw no other flyers were ever removed.
There has been some back and forth since, but I have some more questions.

Where was the polling station? There were 33, which one was it?

Is there a picture of the bulletin board with the "75 other flyers?" Is the bulletin board still there? What's on it now?

Was the woman a poll worker? If so, was she paid by Cambridge? Was she a public employee at the time? Why has the paid poll worker/complainer been allowed to remain anonymous?

And please, send donations to:

Boy Scouts Of America
Troop 45
Po Box 38-1241
Cambridge MA 02238

UPDATE: Cambridge City Council: We do support the troops

The council voted Monday night to allow the Scouts to place their donation boxes in city-owned buildings around the city, including all of the fire stations, the police headquarters, City Hall and the City Hall annex.

“This is going to have a really tangible impact,” City Councilor Brian Murphy said.

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