13 November 2007

Mr. Murdoch, Tear Down This Wall!

Murdoch: WSJ.com Expected to Be Free

Murdoch said he believes that a free model, with increased readership for wsj.com, will attract "large numbers" of big-spending advertisers.
'WSJ' Executive: Murdoch's Free Web Site Talk is 'Jumping The Gun'
"It is jumping the gun, people are jumping to conclusions here very quickly. We haven't even closed the deal yet," said Michael Rooney, senior vice president and chief revenue officer for the company’s consumer media group.
If WSJ.com Was Set Free: The Numbers At Stake
Everyone and their mother in law has numbers proving one side or the other: whether making WSJ.com fully open, ad-supported instead of subscription makes sense or not. WSJ publisher Gordon Crovitz told us earlier this week: “So far, our analysis says the way to maximize revenues and earnings is to have a mixed model.”

Update: Besides the voices I linked to above, couple of more have been added to the mix since Friday:
-- Jeff Jarvis: Free the Journal
-- Rex Hammock: News Corp should open up WSJ.com’s golden door to the huddled masses yearning to surf free

I vote for free!!

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