27 October 2007

Snyder v. Phelps and WBC

Would it surprise any of my readers that I have a very, very low opinion of Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church (WBC)? I doubt it.

Anyway, in June 2006, Albert Snyder filed a civil lawsuit against Phelps and his lunatic followers for protesting at his son's funeral. Last October, the WBC's motion to dismiss was denied. In December 2006, WBC was ordered to pay Snyder $3,150 because they refused to be summoned. Finally, they're in court facing five four civil counts:

  1. Defamation;
  2. Intrusion upon Seclusion (Invasion of Privacy);
  3. Publicity Given to Private Life (Invasion of Privacy)
  4. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; and
  5. Civil Conspiracy
Here's a pic and caption showing how sick this group is. The Examiner has been all over the court proceedings:

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Westboro defends protests at fallen troops’ funerals
2 days ago
All eyes on city for Westboro trial
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Father of fallen Marine says Westboro protest sickened him
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Fallen Marine’s father haunted by protest, lawyer says
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Westboro brings protest to city
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Fallen soldier’s family hopes lawsuit cripples fringe church
11 days ago
Judge dismisses defamation claim against gay-bashing church

UPDATE: "I hope the jury in the civil trial hands down a multimillion dollar verdict against the 'church'."


CJ said...

Thankfully, 12 courageous Americans found the Phelps' guilty and handed them an $11 million howdy-do!! This will accomplish one of two things (though hopefully both): they'll be tied up in court for years, unable to disgrace another military funeral AND they won't be able to afford taking their freak show on the road any longer!!

I'm with you on your opinion of this group. Having met them in person twice, there aren't many people who dislike them more than I. Great wrap-up!!

W2JIG said...

Thanks, CJ! Phelps is one of the reasons I joined CVMA.